At the heart of Blenners Transport lies our fleet and our unwavering commitment to maintenance and safety standards.

We have a full maintenance centre at our Tully head office which allows us to undertake regular and extensive services on all of our vehicles in house.  Our current line haul fleet is all less than 4 years old.

We understand that professional presentation is important to our clients, and having wash facilities on site allows us to maximise our strength in the presentation of our vehicles, enhancing our reputation and those of our clients.

Our commitment to accreditation and compliance has seen us develop rigorous policies and procedures around the maintenance of our fleet but also ensures that we are mindful of the safety and comfort of our drivers.

Our vehicles are all fitted with latest technology including in-vehicle cameras, GPS and vehicle tracking, which allow us to monitor fatigue and stress in real time and guarantee the best safety standards.

Our fleet consists of Kenworth Prime Movers and FTE Trailers.

Blenners Facts

Our fleet consists of 153 prime movers, 234 vans, 37 rigid trucks, 18 road trains and 39 rail containers, which gives you access to 84 line haul combinations across Australia.