Road and Rail Transport – National transport of frozen, chilled and dry palletised freight

Blenners Transport is a family owned and operated business, transporting frozen, chilled and dry palletised freight for customers across Australia.

We operate a fleet of 80 line haul combinations from North Queensland to all southern states. Complemented by additional rail transport options between Brisbane and North Queensland, our combined road and rail transport services allow us to provide comprehensive route options across the country.

With nearly 30 years experience and with our roots in farming, Blenners understands the challenges and demanding timeframes of transporting fresh produce to market and is committed to delivering our loads on time and in best condition whether it be frozen, refrigerated or palletised freight.

Goods and Carriage

Blenners Transport is a national, specialist refrigerated transport company.

We transport frozen and chilled produce using the best vehicles and fully monitored refrigeration systems.

We also transport palletised freight direct from customer to destination or as part of our warehousing storage solution.

Blenners Facts

Our fleet is maintained to high standards and vehicles are often available for sale once de-commissioned from active rotation.